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FAQ - Brewing Your Own Beer

How much does brewing cost?

We have dozens of beer recipes to choose from, and they range in price from about $190 to $240 plus tax. This price does not include bottles, labels, and caps. And remember, the price is per batch, not per person, so bring some friends to share the cost, the love, and the beer!

How much beer do I make?

The average yield is around 15 gallons of beer. To put this in perspective, this is nearly a keg of beer, and equates to around 140 – 12oz. bottles, or about 80 – 22oz. bottles.

How long does it take?

The brewing process takes around 2 to 3 hours, and you will return a couple weeks later for bottling – the actual time depends on the style of beer that you are brewing.

How many people can I bring to brew?

There’s really no limit to the group size… the more the merrier!

How much do bottles cost?

If you buy bottles from us, you should expect to spend between $60-$90 total. Bottles, labels, and caps cost $11-$15 per case plus tax, and the average yield is 6 to 7 cases for a batch of beer. Actual cost will vary based on yield, size of bottles chosen, and whether or not you customize your labels.

Can I re-use bottles for future batches?

Yes! Make sure that you rinse your bottles thoroughly after use, and you can reuse them multiple times. When properly taken care of and sanitized, bottles are a one-time cost.

Can I bring my own bottles?

Yes you can, however we will not guarantee the sanitation of bottles provided by others.

How many people can I bring to bottle?

We have 3 bottling stations, so we recommend a few people to help make the bottling process go quickly and smoothly.

Can I customize my label?

Yes! By law, we have to send you home with a label on your bottles, and if you’re interested you can personalize a 3”-square area to your liking.

What can I put on my customized label?

Be creative! You cannot use copyrighted or trademarked images or names, and North High Brewing management reserves the right to refuse to print questionable labels where legal, ethical, and/or moral issues are in question.

Do you sell gift cards?

Of course, a North High Brewing gift card is the perfect gift for any occasion for the beer lovers in your life! Pick one up in our taproom, or order online by clicking HERE